Reformed Articles

Most of the following articles also appear elsewhere online and are used here by permission.  They have been included here for your perusal and convenience. Please respect the copyright of the authors and/or publishers when applicable .

A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith  This article was written by B.B. Warfield and is a condensed summary of the premise of the  Reformed Faith.  Excellent.

Articles By The Late Dr. Greg Bahnsen These articles are “some” of the many articles and books that Dr. Bahnsen has written over his short life time.  I have made a separate page listing them for I feel that they are well worth the read.  They have been downloaded from the Covenant Media Foundation website and are included here for your perusal and edification.  For other articles you can go directly to the Covenant Media Foundation website from these pages.

A Tribute to R J Rushdoony   A short tribute to the late Rev. R J Rushdoony who went to be with his Lord on Feb. 8th, 2001.  We will miss this great Christian scholar.

Calvinism: The Meaning And Use of the Term   An article by the late reformed scholar, B.B. Warfield: “CALVINISM is an ambiguous term in so far as it is currently employed in two or three senses, closely related indeed, and passing insensibly into one another, but of varying latitudes of connotation  ”

Covenant Communion: What About Our Chillin’ ?   This will be part of the website dedicated to the discussion of covenant communion (paedocommunion) – by various writers.  Is it biblical? If it is then it ought to be practiced by Presbyterian and Reformed churches/denominations.  We believe that our covenant children are members of Christ’s church (His Body) and therefore ought to be treated as such.  These articles will be for the defense of the practice.  Come let us reason together!

 Dominated Thoughts: Our Worldview In Action  This portion of the site is how we are to not only talk about a Christian worldview but put it in action. It is a “work in progress” so be patient.

How God Works in Men’s Hearts  This was excerpted from “Calvin’s Institutes” (Vol. II, Book II, Chap. 4).  Calvin gives a great defense and says: ” it appears that man, while he sins of necessity, yet sins no less voluntarily. But, while he is bound in servitude to the devil, he seems to be actuated more by the devil’s will than by his own.”

Ideas and Actions Have Consequences We live in a society that does not think that people ought to have to face consequences for their actions or ideas. This is, naturally, wrong thinking.

Religion and the Public Square   “You can’t bring your religious ‘opinion’ into the debate! Religion is a personal and private matter.”  That is the mindset of today. But is it correct for the Christian

Rockin’ Doctrine: The Comforts of Calvinism  A sermon by Pastor Steve Schlissel (Messiah’s Congregation, Brooklyn, NY) from Habbakuk 3.  Schlissel says: ” Habakkuk is saying that there would be complete ruin of the land, and nothing that he put his hand to would bear fruit. Yet he would rejoice in God. What I am going to suggest to you today is that this is Calvinism, or that system called Calvinism, and that this is the only doctrine that can provide comfort and that it is what I call a ‘rockin doctrine’.”  Used with permission.

Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment in Christ.  An evangelistic sermon by the great nineteenth century preacher and philosopher, Jonathan Edwards.

Self Defense or Turn the Other Cheek?    A short article I wrote on what it means to turn the other cheek versus using  self- defense measures.  Does Matt. 5:38-39 forbid us from defending ourselves and/or our families?

The Believer Born of  Almighty Grace  A  great sermon by R. L. Dabney that he preached in 1862 to Hood’s men and before “Stonewall”.  Reveals the total sinfulness of man and his helplessness but also the great power of our Sovereign God and His grace that is needed for the salvation of sinners.

What is all the Fuss Over the Federal Vision Controversy? This issue is dividing brother against brother within the Reformed community. What is it all about?

Van Til’s Most Succinct Synopsis   This the second excerpt from Dr. Bahnsen’s book: “Van Til’s Apologetics”. A synopsis of his critique of the “traditional method” and a synopsis of the presuppositional apologetic that he feels is the best method  to defend the faith once and for all delivered to the saints.

Why & What: A Brief Introduction to Christianity This is a booklet written by Douglas Jones editor of Credenda Agenda magazine. It is a great summary and apologetic of Christianity written with the unbeliever in mind. Used with permission.