The Faith Education, Innovation and Formation (Faith INFO)Team

The United Church of Christ is strong because of its local congregations. The Faith Education, Innovation, Formation (FaithINFO) team’s work is to support those congregations in the programmatic, visionary, and strategic work in inter-generational community.

FaithINFO resources and equips local churches to thrive in their unique contexts, given their distinct cultures and communities, and specific expressions of God’s love. We seek to be a vibrant ecosystem that sustains local churches, from financial support through grants and scholarships to theological grounding and guidance through denominational documents like the manual on church. Our collective portfolio includes resources such as Sermon Seeds, Worship Ways, the Nurture the Soul Webinar Series, ministerial support for children and youth, ethnic identified churches and small and rural churches, and equipping our local churches to effectively and faithfully engage the complexities of the world through congregational and community engagement.

Questions about new church starts? email Aaron Wade

Looking for rural church resources? email Roberto Ochoa

Have a question about the Manual on Church? email Tracy Howe

FaithINFO News:
$1.25 million to nurture “Love of Children”

Manual on Church Working Group aims to have full draft this year

3.5 years in the making, Building Up a New World released!

Rev. Tracy Howe, Team Leader, 216-736-3706

Rev. Dr. Cheryl Lindsay,
Minister for Worship and Theology, 216-736-2183

Rev. Roberto Ochoa, Minister for Ethnic Inclusion & Congregational Support for Rural & Small Churches, 216-736-3183

Rev. Trayce Potter
Minister for Children and Youth, 216-736-3970

Rev. Dr. Aaron Wade
Minister for Congregational Leadership, Granting & Scholarships, 216-736-3860

Rev. Tyler Ung
Program Manager, Love of Children

Tanika Wainwright
FaithINFO Program Assistant

Minister for Congregational and Community Engagement (vacant)

Faith INFO holds a covenantal relationship with the Association of United Church Educators who curate and access curricula and resources for Youth Ministry and Faith Formation of all ages.