Music and Liturgical Arts

A Simple Service of Testimony and Song in Celebration of the Resurrection Worship with members of the Council of Conference Ministers and national setting staff of the United Church of Christ (UCC), suitable for April 11, 2021, or any Sunday in Eastertide.

Are you looking for music that you saw on one of our Tuesdays for the Soul or Thursdays for Nurture? Find them here.
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Looking to join a group of UCC musicians?  Check out the United Church of Christ Musicians Association.  The UCCMA offers its members among other things a professional journal, a bi-monthly newsletter, regional professional development events, and a biennial national conference.  Membership is open to everyone.

Seeking a new music or arts position?  Check out the UCC Opportunities Database searchable by state and keyword.Want help planning worship?  Check out Worship Ways and Sermon Seeds.  Worship Ways is also available in Spanish.

Can’t figure out where to find that hymn?  Check out this excellent website!

Looking for a new song for worship?  This blog provides a wealth of songs to select from based on the lectionary.  It now includes selections from Sing! Prayer and Praise.

JWPepper has an excellent choral anthem suggestion website based on the Revised Common Lectionary.  Go to the planning calendar, click on the date, and you’ll receive multiple recommendations!

How about images for worship?  The Vanderbilt Divinity Library has images available based on the Revised Common Lectionary.  After locating the lectionary passage, click on the “Art” link.  Please note the copyright citations, located on the information page for each image, and cite the sources as required.

Inspiration for worship can be found here.  How about exploring the African-American lectionary?  Follow Dr. Marcia McFee for creative ideas as well.

Need to compare different Bible translations?  The Bible Gateway has dozens of searchable translations.

Wondering about copyright issues and your local church?  Here are answers to commonly asked questions.  For more in depth information try The Music Publishers Association.

The Network of Biblical Storytellers has more information for you!  As does the UCC Florida Conference (suggestions for Liturgical Arts Resources).

Wondering what to pay your musician?  Check out this excellent resource from the UCC Musicians Association (UCCMA).  The UCCMA is a private UCC musicians’ organization supported by yearly dues.  Check out their website for more information.

Still wondering about compensation for the church musicians?  The American Guild of Organists also has some information for you!

 Resources from the United Church of Christ

Sing! Prayer and Praise— the praise and worship song book developed by the United Church of Christ and published in 2009.  The song book features 217 songs of which about 100 are new!  Each song was selected with careful attention to theological and musical integrity, while keeping in mind the diverse nature of UCC congregations.  Order a copy of the pew edition of Sing! Prayer and Praise from The Pilgrim Press. 

Check the side navigation column for Sing! Prayer and Praise indexes.  Contribute your suggestions for the index of your choice!

The piano accompaniment edition is also available.  Order a copy here.

The New Century Hymnal

The New Century Hymnal invites the Church into the 21st century. The best hymns of the past are combined with exciting new hymnody from some of the finest contemporary poets and composers. The New Century Hymnal reflects a high level of musical and theological scholarship — including fresh adaptations of original texts, honoring tradition while at the same time using inclusive language that will welcome and affirm all as members of Christ’s church.


  • – more than 600 hymns
  • – many new translations to bring freshness to older texts
  • – over 100 psalms, set to music
  • – harmonizations carefully selected for congregational singing
  • – orders for worship, with services for morning and evening prayer


Additional Products

Additional products related to The New Century Hymnal: