The Pilgrim Press & Stillspeaking Publications

The Pilgrim Press is a bold voice with a rich heritage. 

Bearing the name of William Brewster’s Pilgrim Press (publishing from 1617-1619), the history of The Pilgrim Press includes the Bay Psalm Book produced in 1640 by the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Colony—making ours the oldest English-language publishing tradition in North America. Today we publish books that nurture spiritual growth, cultivate religious leadership, and provoke the soul for the sake of a just world.

Disrupt shame. Reject body policing. Embrace liberation.

Whether your body is small or large, aged or young, disabled or abled, toned or soft—or somewhere in between—anti-fatness affects us all. Fat Church offers a necessary disruption to shame and remembers the theology of God’s abundance.


God Is Still Speaking,®
The Writers’ Group

Looking for curriculum?

Faith Practices is designed to invigorate education, worship, and service in the church. Twelve spiritual practices are explored through scripture, art and music, justice-focused service, and discipleship conversations. Explore one or explore them all!

We are all pilgrims, striving after insight in life and faith.

The Pilgrim Press is a daring adventurer and trusted companion along the way, bearing testimony that there is “more truth and light yet to break forth.”

The Pilgrim Press and Faith-forming Publications Team

The following team manages the United Church of Christ’s publishing house The Pilgrim Press and its imprints, and coordinates the Stillspeaking Writers’ Group and Daily Devotional ministries. Contact information for individual team members is available through the staff directory.

  • The Rev. Rachel Hackenberg, Publisher
  • Adam Bresnahan, Book Production Editor
  • Kathryn Martin, Acquisitions & Licensing Editor
  • Georgetta Thomas, Sales & Communications Assistant


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